Sunday, March 21, 2010

Worth every lunge, dead lift and mile on the adventure...

I did it, I found my workout shorts!!! And a couple other things *huge grin*. Just got back from the most amazing shopping trip. I have not had this much fun in a long long time!!! And not sure I ever had that much fun shopping for clothes. But it was kinda scary, if it was this much fun to shop at 271 pounds how dangerous will I be at 200 lbs *smile*.

I ended up calling Nike customer service this morning to help me track down the shorts I was looking for. They found them at the outlet mall in Albertville, so off I went. I not only found my gym shorts (and got a bunch of them in my current size, but also a size smaller for the future since they have been discontinued) but decided to try for a few other things while I was there.

At the end of the trip I had my workout shorts, a bathing suit for the beach in Israel, shorts for Israel, 2 shirts, 2 bras, a pair of jeans and the best part....3 pairs of mega cute sandals (2 with heels).

For my skinny readers that probably wont sound like much, but when you are my previous size, finding ONE item on a shopping trip was a great success, and most trips ended in dismal failure. To be able to find anything I want, in my size, and to have had to try on way smaller than I expected in EVERYTHING I bought, it was just amazing.

And the cool part was there was not one thing I had to leave behind I wanted because it was too small. Actually just the opposite, I had to pass two things up because they didn't have small enough. Now that is a good feeling!!!!! Today made it all worth it!

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