Sunday, March 28, 2010

Does this make my leg look fat....

I remember my mom and her friends turning 40 and being so miserable about it. I don't get it. I spent last night collectively celebrating turning forty with 30 amazing women and I have to say....we make 40 look good!!!!!!!

A big part of why I came back to the Hudson Valley was for this birthday party. This is the year myself and the people I grew up with turn the big 4-0. The friends I particularly wanted to see have birthdays very close to mine, so celebrating together seemed the perfect idea.

Getting ready for the party was admittedly as much fun as the party itself. It has been a long time since I could look around my bedroom and watching my friends playing dress up and doing their hair and make up. The most amazing part of this weekend has been how short 20 years seems. We have said over and over how it feels like we were apart 5 minutes not two decades.

It was an awesome party. Lots of great healthy food, a ton of a laughter and absolutely no stress. As part of the fun the hosts had brought in a manicurist and a tatoo artist/body piercer. The latter graduated with my brother and was an absolute hoot.

I should point out for those that didn't know me growing up. I was such a good girl. I drank more than I should have and skipped school to hang out with friends, but never smoked, never tried drugs, had only 1 boyfriend in HS and worried more about grades than fun. So it is rather ironic that at almost 40 I lost my mind and gave in to a tatto *insert shock here*. For the record, I was totally sober, I was the designated driver for the night and drank nothing more than water the entire night.

I am still not totally sure why I did it, I know it has to do with all the changes I am making in my life. I know it has to do with wanting to show myself and the world I am someone different than who I was growing up. This morning I realize that may have been a bit of a radical approach but I have to admit I love the design we did.

As you can see, the tat is a heart surrounded by a star of davide. I can't think of no two symbols that better spoke to who I have become as an adult!!!!!

PS I was NOT the only one, Trish and Donna got tats also. Yes that sounds like a 12 like olds excuse, but the reality is I think one of the coolest parts of having done this is that we will always have this bond.

PSS OMG doesn't my leg look so thin in that picture...that is as cool as the tat!!!!!!!!


  1. I still don't know why I got mine a few years ago, either. At the store watching my son get a tat in one minute, next thing you know, I'm getting one!!! Would have loved to have frozen my son's facial expression at the moment he realized what I was doing!! Priceless!!

    Love the tat, and it sounds like you're having a great 40th!! Happy Birthday!!


  2. SEEEE!!! That's what happens when you stop eating Creme Brulee!!