Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The 7 became a 6...and what a difference a workout makes...

269!!!!!!!!!! 69 lbs overall, 42 lbs working wtih Gui!!!! Beyond the scale, it was a good workout day, and for that I am really grateful tonight.

It still shocks me when I say these things, but my workout today with Gui totally turned my day around!

I was not in a great place when I left for the gym (no surprise to anyone who had read the previous post). Things going on around me in the last week or so had taken a toll on my self esteem. And I was worried that facing the trainer today, after the great cookie cheat, was going to find my last shred gone. Instead it turned out to be a really great workout for me, and I came away feeling back on track and able to conquer the world again.

I have learned, slowly, that how good or bad a workout has gone is not just about could I do all the exercises he threw at me or how many reps did I complete, but also how much can I get into the workout, and let the outside world disappear. This is a real challenge for me. I have a hard time shutting down my brain. And it works against me a lot when we are working out. I am not there fully, or I can't relax enough to get what I should out of it.

Today however, I was in my head the first 10 or so minutes and then it just clicked - everything else melted away. I was 100% there today, and I feel the difference. I would like to say I can take the credit for that, but I have to admit a lot of it wasn't me. This is one of the places having a trainer is a must for me. The right questions about what is going on, the right intensity of the workout and somehow it all goes away. I know without a doubt today was one of those days that if I had been doing the strength/resistance on my own I would have done about 2 reps and given up.

I have had many friends tell me they would love to work with a trainer but the cost stops them, this is one of those days that I know without a doubt it is worth every penny I spend and every sacrafice I make to afford it!!!

Thanks Gui, you went above and beyond today!!!!! Now put down the darn stick *grin*

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  1. Way to go Pam!!!! That is such a wonderful accomplishment!!!