Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The great pumpkin adventure...

Here's a news flash.....I am stubborn and hard headed! Shall I continue now that you all have stopped laughing and making snide comments? *smile*

I'll be the first to admit that once I get something in my head, it isn't easy to change my mind. It works for me in a lot of situations. That tenacity has gotten me through a lot of tough things and helped me accomplish things I never would have otherwise. But I learn on a regular basis lately, it is probably my worst quality when it comes to weight loss. I have a very hard time letting those with much more knowledge than me call the shots. Yes Gui, I am talking about you again, of course.

Carbs is one of those topics that I just have my own stance on. Every time I up them I seem to retain more fluid and in turn the number on the scale goes up. So I am always very hesitant to eat any, certainly not the amount that most people eat, and definitely not the amount the trainer would prefer. And I guess I just didn't see the harm in it, until Monday.

It's not often that Gui gets overly serious with me, but I have to admit he kind of spooked me Monday. We were reviewing my meal plan for the day and all of a sudden the mood changed drastically and I saw a look of concern and heard a tone I hadn't before. I decided maybe it was time to pay a little more attention. I need to get better about the carbs, before I create health issues I have no need for. There is no point in losing all this weight if it comes at a cost to my overall health.

So to that end I decided yesterday I was going to find creative ways to get more carbs, without heading to bread and cakes. My first try, I was going to make "ice cream" from canned pumkin.

I should point out before I go any further, I don't cook. I microwave, I eat out. The genes for cooking went to my older sister not me. So I knew this was going to an adventure.

Into the Ninja (a great food processor type gadget) I dumped:

Canned pumpkin
Vanilla Almond Milk
BiPro protein powder.

Once I moved it to the other container (I used the small one the first time and the cover wouldn't fit) it went pretty well. Nothing blew up, I didn't spray it all over the kitchen, and tasting it in the liquid state it wasn't bad. I was a little heavy handed on the spices and need to cut that back. But otherwise it was a reasonable faxsimile of pumpkin ice cream. I was so excited and into the freezer it went.

This morning I got up all excited and went right to the freezer. Sadly I must report, I will be throwing it out now. The consistency is horrible. It is nothing like ice cream, it is closer to a flavored ice. It has a lot of taste, but I just can't convince myself it is ice cream or anything close.

I know I should try again, but I have to admit maybe I am not as convinced I need all these carbs as I was yesterday *smile*

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  1. You should have drank the liquid product! pumpkin shake?!!??! ROFL maybe Seybah needs to is HER kitchen after all, *ducks and runs*