Thursday, March 11, 2010

Slowly rejoining the human race (a.k.a bye bye bathing suit #2)....

Another clothes post, sorry, its just all about clothes today!

I had said in my last post that I had another bathing suit and could limp bye with it. I was wrong, two nights in the heavily chlorinated pool at the club and that old relic pretty much disintegrated. It was probably 10 years old, so it was due a proper burial anyway. But since I am trying to swim more this week, as my second workout each day, I had to do something.

So, I got up every bit of nerve I had and decided to face this demon. It's gross and grey and rainy out and has been a pretty bad day anyway, so I figured I might as well deal with it all at once. Why ruin a good day? Who would have known how well it would turn out.

I decided to start my shopping at a local swim shop. Buying a bathing suit for daily swimming at a retail store doesn't usually go well. Either they aren't cut right for swimming laps or you find a decent one and a month later you are replacing it again because it can't handle the constant chlorine. I knew the swim shop had some larger sizes in the pro lines and thought MAYBE I had lost enough weight to squeeze into the largest they had on their website (a 26). I couldn't even pull that one up past my knees when I was in there in November.

When I got there I was assisted by a pretty little 20 something with a perfect body. That did not help. So I quietly grabbed the largest speedo they had and sulked off to the changing room, preparing how I was going to casually leave when it didn't fit.

It took everything in me not to scream out loud when I put it on and it was TOO BIG!!!!

It then hit me, I am finally rejoining the human race! No more being stuck only shopping in fat person stores, no more having to pray I can find things that fit. While I am still very much plus size, I am starting to be able to shop in normal stores. They still hide my sizes over in some dark corner, but at least it is a dark corner of normal stores with name brands.

It got even better when the next size down was too big, and the next one after that. I walked out of the store with a bathing suit 4 sizes smaller than the one I had prayed would just fit. I might have been able to go one size smaller even, but no matter how much weight I have lost I still don't look GOOD in a speedo swim suit and wasn't going any smaller than what I got.

This is going to sound so silly, but I have tried it on two more times since I brought it home. I keep expecting for it not to fit. I still can't make my brain process the size I am now, it seems a little surreal (which has been the word of the day anyway!). I don't feel any smaller, but the tag on the bathing suit still says the same number it did at the store and it still fits.

As if that wasn't enough joy for one day, I also came home to a box from the UPS man. Two pairs of jeans I had ordered, in the next size down I would need soon - they are 7 sizes smaller than I would have bought in May, and the store I got them from wouldn't have even had jeans my size back then, and in the right cut (straight leg, their stores locally only have boot cut which I am too short for). And of course I had to try them on to see how long til they would fit. Not only do they fit, but I looked in the mirror and said something I have NEVER said about jeans, I look pretty good in these *smile*.

Yeah I have gone and checked the mirror twice on those too, just have to make sure it hasn't gone away.


  1. Everytime I start ro feel a lil grim, I find your blog and smile. Great news on the swimsuit. Keep up the hard work!

  2. You are too funny!!