Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thank you to my trainer......

I am asked all the time why I work with a trainer. Friends point out it's expensive (yup it is) and it can be stress provoking (yup it is) and I should be able to do it on my own after someone showed me the machines and how they work (anyone who says this has never had many physical challenges to face). This photo is why I work with a trainer....

When I started with Gui at the end of November I could barely walk through my house without stopping, I had to take breaks to walk from gate to gate at the airport, or find an electric cart for a ride. I hadn't used stairs willingly in 14 years and I had about 5 minutes stamina for anything physical.

Today I spent 3 1/2 hours easily climbing the hills and stairs of the old City of Jaffa (Yafo). I walked up to the its highest point, Abrasha Park, down to the port and back up. I went to all the galleries down cobblestone paths and steep stairs. And I did it all without needing to stop, to choose a different path or to give up something I wanted to see or do.

Working with the trainer is not always the easiest thing I do. He can be demanding, difficult, obstinant, sarcastic and at times even a little rude (yes for those of you thinking it, it is a lot like dealing with...well....ME *smile*). But I finally understand today why that approach is the right answer. Had he gone easy on me I would have been sitting in Tel Aviv dreaming of Jaffa, not out enjoying it. I never would have made the progress I did if I had been handled with kid gloves and babyed the last 4 months.

I also get now why I need to keep working with a trainer, something I had been questioning. For as great as today was, I know it could be so much better. I didn't let anything stop me today, but I did have moments of doubt and where I definitely wasn't as graceful as most would have been. I had to laugh, there were a couple times as I looked down an extremely steep flight of stairs that I thought of finding another route, but then I heard that little brazillian voice inside my head (and laughted out loud once I think). Just how many other tourists do you think were walking around taking pictures and mumbling to themselves "you can do this, stick your butt out, use your heels, stop locking your legs"????

I would like to think my approach to my training sessions will also be different. Lets be honest, I am a difficult student on my best day! I don't mean to be, but I know I try to take control, I try to do less than I should, I am not always focused and I let stupid things stand between me and success. And I hope that today will help me with that, but that is probably a great wish that I am not sure will change overnight. That is part of why I am writing this blog post, so the next time I want to kill Gui I will remember how much I need him *grin*!

The last 4 months has been the hardest work I have ever put in on anything. Far harder than any job or career I have had. Facing my food demons is still a daily challenge. Overcoming my fears and my self imposed limitations is an ongoing struggle. But today I got to taste the reasons I do it and celebrate how far I have come. It makes every dollar spent, every tear cried, every dessert missed and every sore muscle worth it and more.

I know I have done the work, no one in the end can do it for me. But I know today how incredibly blessed I was the day I agreed to give personal training a shot and to put my faith in another human being to help me reach my goals! Thank you Gui!!! Thank you will never be enough to repay you for the week I have had here in Israel and for helping me regain my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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