Monday, April 12, 2010

My next trip here...

Sitting watching one of my last sunrises here *sniff sniff*. I am so going to miss this view! I am so going to miss the hebrew, the people, the energy. But I have to admit as much as I love it here, I am kinda ready to go home. There are great things and people here I wish I could hang on to, but I am reaching that point where I want to not be in a hotel. I want a kitchen, I want my car, I want to feel like I have more control of my life. I am tired of restaurant food, I am tired of taxis.

With that said, I can't wait to come back here. I love it here, my heart is here. But I think one of the lessons this trip has taught me is that for vacations I need to start thinking differently in how I plan and where I stay. My life and needs are very different than they were on my last vacation over a week long and it has changed how I want to stay.

In the past the thought of cooking on vacation would never have crossed my mind, truth, it would have made me laugh. But now, I want that ability. I want better control of my food. I don't want to eat out and be stuck with what is on the menu or in a restaurant. Yesterday being a holiday and the restaurants outside the hotel being closed brought this into sharp focus for me.

My plan for my next trip here or anywhere over a week long is to look at the option of vacation apartment rental, or at least hotels that offer a kitchen option. It will give me better options and more flexibility. Not to mention many of them are cheaper in the long run.

Beyond feeling out of sorts with food again, I had another wonderful day yesterday. I spent it doing very little *grin*. Sitting by the pool/beach soaking up the sun, reading a book, just enjoying being here!!!! Got a little "toasty" doing it, but that is my norm for here, or anywhere with sun. I tend to be white or red.

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  1. Belated Happy Birthday (I don't know why I was thinking your birthday is also the Gabby day!)
    Oh and I completely understand about needing a kitchen and cooking on vacation ;-)