Saturday, April 3, 2010

72 hours and 39 minutes....

Until my plane takes off for Israel (well assuming no one runs the baggage truck into the plane again this time *smile*). As much as I have been talking about this trip coming up, I don't think it really hit me until this evening that I am really going back again. I spoke to both my dear friends, Irwin and Laura, in Israel today and they finally made it click I was heading home again! Irwin through talks of lunches on the beach and Laura (my practical friend *grin*) through talks of what I can bring that they can't get there. Hearing her laughter as she called me over and over again to clarify just filled me with such joy and such a longing to be back there again (my last trip was in October/November of last year). To sit on her couch, to talk about her movie, to just be part of Israel again.

So much has changed since I was there, I am 50 pounds lighter, Laura is many months more pregnant (she had just found out when I last saw her). Last time I struggled to walk and keep up, this time I can't wait to walk on the beach and to possibly take on the hills of Safed.

The other thing that my conversation with Laura changed tonight is I just don't care about the food and exercise stuff anymore related to the trip. Not sure it is a lasting effect, but as we were talking and she was mentioning tracking down what I need, I realized, I just don't care if she finds it or not, I am going to enjoy this trip either way. That may come across as a horrible attitude, please don't take it that way. I think I am just at the point that the joy of going matters to me more than any ramifications of gaining some weight. Also, I think I just need a break from it all so I can come back to this battle rejuvinated. I didn't realize til after talking to her, how tired I am lately, I am exhausted by it all the last few weeks and need to refind that energy I found in Israel 5 months ago that helped me start down the path of joining a club, finding a trainer and moving forward.

I still plan to work out (laura is taking photos of the hotel fitness area today so my trainer can come up with my game plan) and I still plan to watch the foods and try to stay on track, but I have to say, all the angst is gone over the trip. I just want to be there!!!!! To know that four sunrises from now I will be looking out over Tel Aviv and the sea makes me happier than any number on a scale could!


  1. Congrats on getting through the stresses. Just promise you'll keep blogging throughout your trip :)


  2. Karen, I promise to do some sort of blogging. I havent figured out yet if it is going to be this blog, or the one I have kept my last two Israel trips.

  3. Have lots and lots of fun!!!!