Monday, April 5, 2010

Packing fun and a new goal...

36 hours to go (til plane leaves Atlanta for Tel Aviv). I can't wait. I miss Israel, I miss my friends there and I am just so looking forward to this trip. But before I can get there I have to face the task at hand, packing. You would think as often as I do it, this would be simple, but I am finding packing this time to be a lot more stress provoking than normal. Everything has to be tried on (and the charity pile grows and grows) which is a good thing, except I may be back to that "nekkid in Israel" thing again soon *smile*. Going to do an emergency dash to the store tonight for a pair of dress pants I think.

I realied as I was packing I have one more goal on my list, I can not wait for the day I am thin enough that I can relax if I forget a piece of clothing I need I will be able to walk into a store overseas and EASILY buy something to wear. Clothes shopping in the US is a challenge if you are plus size, clothes shopping overseas when you are plus size is a nightmare.

I have to say that one of the best side effects of losing weight is my luggage gets lighter and lighter and more and more fit in the bag. Thin clothes are a lot smaller to pack *smile*

Now just have to solve the "how am I getting to the airport" puzzle.

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