Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My going away presents....

Packing is done, went to the club early this morning and did my last cardio workout before I leave (ouch, still very sore from trainer time yesterday) and while I was there I jumped on the scale (not supposed to do it, but I had to). Two more pounds from yesterday, plus the couple I had lost since Saturday, and I am a VERY happy camper.

To catch everyone up, I started at 338 pounds in May, I was 311 when I started with Gui at the end of November (Black Friday to be exact - yeah some good jokes in that I am sure). Today I was 265! That means overall I am down 73 lbs since May and 46 of that  in the 16 or so weeks I have been with the trainer.

I wouldn't be me if I didn't admit I was slightly unhappy with the number, I had set a goal of 75 lbs for this trip, but I can't be upset about it. I would NEVER have thought I could accomplish what I have. And as long as I hit the 75 by my birthday I am good with it all.

I think my shopping trip last night did a LOT to help me be ok with it. Last week the trainer asked me a question, and I struggled to get the answer he wanted from me. He asked if I could look great in a bikini but the scale still said 269 would I be ok with it. The true answer I felt was no, but I know that wasn't the answer he was going for, but it was how I felt. That number is such a block for me.

But last night, for a short time, it just didnt matter. I needed to go pick up a pair of pants for the trip. They are the same pants that in October I was wearing a 12x in. Last night I walked into the store and despite the sale girls insistance I was smaller than I thought, I started with a 4x - too big, a 3x - too big, a 2x - too big, a 1x - too big....I bought a 0x, which was the smallest size they are made in. I was ESTATIC.  I had a similar experience with the shirt I bought. And left the store in tears (happy tears).

I could not be leaving for this trip in a better frame of mind. My weight had really stagnated the last couple weeks, but thank to my amazing trainer (who changed my workouts back to heavy weight) I finally am moving forward again. This seems to happen every time we make that shift.

Laura is prepping everything for me in Israel, almond milk, blender, fridge. I have my list of assignments from Gui as far as working out (including a massage!!!!! Gotta love him!).

My suitcase is full of shorts and bathing suits (neither of which I would have willingly worn in public a year ago) and other new smaller clothes!

I feel ready and excited (admittedly still a little antsy about this long without the trainer). BRING IT ON!!!!!!

I promise to take lots of pics and will try to blog on this blog or my Israel one (will at least put links here to that blog).


  1. Way to go Pam!!! That is fantastic!!!
    I am sure Gui was really proud of you!!!
    Have an amazing trip!!!

  2. That is amazing :) Don't have too much fun ;)

  3. Mark....you are the second person to say that. What a bunch of party poopers!!! *grin*. Have a great time on your trip also!!!

    Emma.....you and I have talked about the proud thing. Who knows?! Thanks for the comment though. Hang tough and keep fighting to get you "mojo" back!!!!!

  4. I am jealous!! *grin*

  5. Pam - You know how you feel going to Israel without a trainer, that's how I feel working on Vision without you. How the tables have turned.... :)

    Carrie Luedtke

  6. Carrie....LOL. You know its funny you say that because I have told Gui more than once that working with him has taught me a LOT about how my client feel. I think (hope) the lessons are making me a better consultant!!!!! I promise I will be back and remember you know where to find me while I'm gone!!!!!! So glad we are working together again!!!!

  7. Have a blast! try one of everything, do as much as you can, and bring back lots and lots of pictures!!

  8. Looks like that store will soon lose you as a customer! LOL Congrats!

    Be sure to post the holiday Bikini shots! :)