Saturday, April 10, 2010

Another night of struggling

I have been here multiple times, and never before  have I had a hard time adjusting schedule wise. For some unknown reason this trip is really kicking my butt on that front. Not sure if it is because of other changes I have made in my biological clock lately (my older late night appraoch may have lined up better) or what, but I realized when I was up wanting to eat at 3am again that this was the issue and part of what lead to the chocolate cheat and why I am not eating when I should be.

My body is not switching over to the time zone I am in. So I am wanting to eat at dinner time at home (which is 3am here) and don't want to eat during the day (when I would be sleeping at home). I am also not getting enough sleep (2-3 hours a night) and am ready for bed when the sun is coming up (which is bedtime at home). I am purposelly not napping during the day to try to get on a better schedule, but I am still up all night it seems.

The good news from last night is that when I gave in to the hunger, it was something much healthier. Thanks to Laura's fore thought and insistance I brought some of the pumpkin "muffins" back from her house and that is what I reached for at 3am. Super healthy and much better on calories. Thanks Laura!

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