Saturday, April 10, 2010

Shabbat, a day of rest and rejuvination...

The world has a lot it could learn from Israel, even if it doesn't see that. Work hard, fight hard, love hard and play hard. This country is all about giving it all you have. But what amazes me is how no matter how hard the work or the play, how important things seem Sunday through Friday, when Shabbat rolls around the country just stops. For 24 hours life is suspended for a day of rest. The difference was no where as noticeable here in Tel Aviv as it was to me in Jerusalem on my last visit, but it was still obvious. The food changes, the people change, the traffic changes. Shabbat truly is separate from the rest of the week.

I took my cues from the rest of Israel today and did very little. I slept in, I spent the day by the pool reading, I didn't work out. I just was...! I really needed that after the issue with the chocolate last night. It felt good. I ended up a little more relaxed than I started the day and a lot more sunburned. I am such a pasty white girl from MN *smile*. But at least I have some color and it isn't to the extreme that some of my previous visits here have ended up with. My first trip here I ended up with blisters. And YES that was with SPF 50 sunblock (which I also used today). I don't tan I just bake!

Food was a struggle today. I ate good things, I don't regret any of my food choices. I had 3 meals, I had 2 snacks, but I know my calories were way down from what they should have been (which was another reason I opted not to work out). I just wasn't hungry and so my meals were small. I don't think it had to do with the chocolate cheat, I tried to put that out of mind, or any hang ups with food. I purely wasn't hungry. I remember feeling that on my last visit in October too. That very little food filled me very quickly and eating less than normal, even for me. Oh well, I made sure I supplemented with protein powder so I at least know I am getting what I should on that front, which is an improvement over the last visit. And I had my pumpkin "muffins" (thanks Laura) so more healthy food!

Tomorrow is the big 4-0 day. Friends are coming to visit from Ma'aleh Adumim, and think the plan is beach time. The weather has been gorgeous so far, I hope it continues to hold out.

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