Sunday, April 4, 2010

Forget not wanting to go, I may never want to come back...

Two days ago I wasn't sure I was ready for this trip to Israel, now I am not sure I will ever want to leave. Yup I talked to Laura again this morning. She has it all figured out and I feel so absolutely ready to be there.

Almond milk - not only do they have it, they have my Chocolate Almond Milk (eat your hearts out EAT classmates *smile*). Laura will have it waiting when I get off the plane.

Fridge - Laura talked to the hotel, good to go on this too. That plus her blender and I am all set on the protein shakes.

Gym - the hotel has a great Cybex gym and we now have the full list of equipment so Gui can send some guidelines. They also have a full schedule of classes, thinking of trying something called  Feldenkrais (yeah I had to google what is was also). The best part, which I remember from my stay at this hotel 8 years ago, the workout room over looks the sea. It doesn't get better than that!!!

Spa - Cybex also runs a full spa at the hotel. I see facials and a massage in my future. Will have to make hard decisions on whether to go with the coconut wrap or the chocolate (heck if I can't eat it I might as well wear it *grin*))

Pool - beautiful outdoor pool, again over looking the sea.

Add to that the healthy, fresh grown food that I am so used to in Israel and this should be "a piece of cake".

I will admit not having the trainer for 2 weeks is a little intimidating (but I fear he wouldn't like being shoved in my suitcase for 14 hours if I tried to take him with me). Am just hoping the prep we are doing will make that missing piece manageable.

Bring it on, I am so ready to leave now.

Thanks Laura, you are the best!

PS Yes these pictures are from the actual hotel

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  1. love that pool!!! but I don't think I would be able to deal with the 14 hours stashed in your bag either, lol... swim a lap for me, enjoy yourself!