Friday, August 20, 2010

It's time for...FORWARD!

The ring I wear has three words on it...."Forward....Regardless....Relentless". It is my reminder to let nothing stand in my way of my goals.

For the last 3 weeks I have been wearing it with Regardless facing up. I thought that was the word I needed to focus on to get me through the recent trainer change. I realized after my workout yestrday with Nick that Regardless wasn't working for me; It had me stuck in focusing on the past and the changes. I need to be looking ahead now, not looking at the past and just trying to stay one step ahead of it. Last night I turned my ring to Forward and that is where I am heading!

Over the last couple weeks I have been told over and over "change is hard" which is true, change can be hard. But I am not against change, I think change is a good thing, I seek it out. We can only grow through change and I get bored if things don't change.

But as someone who deals with change management on a daily basis in my job, I can now see that my issue hasn't been change. It is that this change broke every rule I teach my clients about how to exact positive change and how to make it easier for their company.

For change to be successful there need to be some basic rules followed.....

1) The change has to be for the better, not just because you can.
2) The parties who are going through the change need to have a voice in how the change is executed (even if they don't have a voice in if it will happen).
3) People need to understand why the change is happening.
4) The transition through the change needs to be done in a manageable way, that doesnt leave those involved feeling they have gone backwards and that they are completely out on their own.
5) There have to be safety nets in place for those who struggle through the change.
6) The change transition can't undermine or sacrafice the current day to day needs already being met.

I can see looking back at the last three weeks where every one of those bit me in the butt going through this change. And it sent me into a tailspin that if I had been observing this like I would at work and not been emotionally invovled I would have predicted and better dealt with. I do wish I had come at this much more analytically than the emotions I came out it with. I know this still would have been hard, because I didn't have a voice in a lot of it and it didn't make sense to me (and never will on why it happened), but I could have been moving foward a lot sooner.

Luckily my new trainer helped snap me out of this yesterday. There is nothing better than spending an hour beating out your anger and agression and I did come to see that I am not alone. That there is someone standing there ready to help me move forward, and I need to not be looking backwards and miss that.

I also came back to being who I am...stubborn, relentless and determined. This change happened, it sucked but I will not let it rob me of my goal, I will not let it change who I am and I wont pretend, like I have for the last three weeks, I am someone I am not just to prevent it happening again. I can't live in fear of who I am driving away my new trainer, because unless I bring who I truly am to the game then we aren't going to succeed anyway.

So Monday I start again.....a new trainer, a new starting weight, new workouts and a new mindset. I will never forget where I came from, I will never forget how hard I worked in the last 8 months, I will never forget Gui's help in getting me there, he will always hold a special place in my heart for changing my life, and truth I will never probably fully understand what happened to force this change, but it can't be about looking at that anymore. It's time to move forward.............and God help anyone who gets in my way!

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