Friday, August 6, 2010

Another threshold crossed....Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret has always been one of those stores that as a fat girl you looked at longingly as you walked by, but knew you didn't belong in, and probably never would. It is the land of the "pretty people". Those waif-thin models with the perfect bodies who can wear anything and look amazing. The bright colored lingerie in sizes that look like they are made for barbie dolls.

I have never bought a bra anywhere that wasn't specific to plus size people, even as a teen. And have never bought anything more daring colorwise than white or beige.

Tonight I crossed another threshold. Tonight I officially joined the "pretty people" and walked into Victoria's Secret and bought two bras, in my size, that fit perfectly. No special order plus size, no strange looks from sales people like I was in the wrong store. Just a normal person doing normal shopping in a normal store.

And as you can see from above, I skipped the white and went right for purple and polka dots!!!!

Another good step in the right direction.

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