Sunday, May 16, 2010

Yes, you are right, it is only a number...but.........

Back to one of my least favorite topics, the scale! Whoever invented the thing should have be shot. There is not one single device on the planet that causes me more stress on a daily basis. On bad days I lose sleep over it, I shed tears over it. On good days I celebrate over it! The difference of one digit can make or break my day. My self esteem is wrapped up in whether it is up or down. It is totally ridiculous that one gadget has that much control in our lives, but I know I am not alone in my fixation on that number.

The great irony to the scale is, as Gui points out to me regularly, it is a pitiful indicator of progress in burning fat. So much can change the reading on the scale, for me simply eating salt or flying can add 3-4 pounds to the scale in a day. The weather being cooler can drop 2 pounds off the scale for me just as easily. Yet despite logically knowing that, and knowing that my clothes are shrinking (a much better measure) I still have complete angst over that number.

Yesterday was probably the worst example of this yet. I had an AMAZING day shopping with a friend (will be my next post topic) and I got great clothes in sizes I would never have thought I could wear. But what was in my head the whole time (and even when I was filling TB in on my day) that the scale had to be wrong at the club yesterday because it said I was done (3 lbs), but the ones in the locker room at Eagan and Lakeville say I am up (5 lbs). I was totally fixated on this!!!! And I still am 24 hours later. I want someone who knows what they weigh to get on the scale the trainers use at Eagan and validate it for me. How insane is that? That that is more of a forethought for me than all the great new clothes I can fit in now are.

It is ridiculous, it's crazy and sad, but as much as I know that,  I don't know how to turn off my need for the scale to validate me! I am sure the answer some will give is, well don't weigh yourself (Gui's answer also) but that seems to just make it worse. If I don't know the number on the scale then I just spend time guessing about it (and usually assuming it is up).

Pitiful huh?!?


  1. Not pitiful at all!!!! Having some problems with the same thing. I kinda see it this way-I know if I've eaten horribly and that I need to correct it. Then sometimes I can tell I've lost just by the way I feel. I try not to get on the darn thing so much, but also wondering what it will say. Going to start going to the gym soon-motivation is definitely lacking. I think I need Gui or Jillian Michaels yelling in my ear to lose the last 40 lbs. I've decided to slack off on seeing the nutritionist and spend my money on the gym for a while. I've been seeing the nutritionist since Aug and if I don't know how to eat by now, I must have a mental block. Right now I just need the motivation. Keep going, and you're right the scale is EVIL!!!


  2. Ok - welcome to the "We hate the scale and yet live by it" club. Not sure if it matters what you weigh or not, but rather it is a mindset far too many of us carry around. Yet, it is ours to own. (BTW - for me, at least, what is worse is that a "bad day" may not show up for two days or more, when the salt or extra sugar has done its work in adding water weight.)
    Just keep giving yourself the bounce in your step that comes from those new, smaller, great looking clothes every time your thoughts head to "THE NUMBER" :-)

  3. Heather, if you get the right trainer (and that is the trick it seems) it will be the best money you ever spend. I am spending a small fortune on training (having to make some sacrafices for sure to do it, and certainly not putting into savings what I did last year) but I don't regret a cent of it.

    I know there is no Lifetime Fitness near you guys, but I would suggest you look for a gym that has more than just exercise in house. At LTF they have the trainers but also the nutritionists, metabolic specialists and a host of other services. The ability to have that integrated team (vs all those people separate) has really helped me I think. One of the first things Gui helped me realize was that you can't change any of the pieces independentaly and have it all work, you have to balance the food/nutrition with the workint out and it is about a LOT more than just knowing what to eat. As you workout and lose your metabolism changes, in the last 6 months we have adjusted my calorie intake multiple times, and I am going again this saturday to have my metabolism tested to see if we need to make another tweak. So guess I am saying, not sure I would can the nutritionist, you just need to do them all together.

    On motivation, you definitely have to be ready. Had I met Gui even 6 months before I did, I would have failed. It is not about him yelling in my ear (he does though *grin*). It is about being ready for him to yell in my ear and I finally was. My boss has a phrase I have used on here before... "when the student is ready the RIGHT teacher will be there", it is so true. I know in my heart of hearts I have been successful this time after years of trying because I was ready, I was at a point where I was ready to let people help me, where I was ready to do the work and I was ready to make the change and sacrafices!!! You'll get there Heather when you are ready!

  4. I won't own a scale for all the reasons you discussed. It's an approximation. I can tell how I'm doing by how I feel and my clothes.

  5. Kathy I do not have one in my home (for those reasons and because TB has forbid it) but I still face it at the club every day

  6. Go have a drink and relax! You are doing great!!
    Punky's mom

  7. Scales belong on fish, not in a house!