Sunday, May 30, 2010

A downside to being healthy that a guy would never have to deal with.....

"As I head for the door I turn around to be sure...
Did I shave my legs for this?
Darlin did I shave my legs for this?" Deana Carter

There are very few downsides to having become healthier in the last 6 months...I have more energy, I can do things I couldn't before, I am having more fun, and my body works better. There in lies the body works better!

For the last 10 plus years, for whatever reason...poor diet, nerve damage, weight, hormones...the hair on my legs didn't grow. And lets face it, even if there was a single random hair...who cared. I wore long pants and it was exceedingly rare that anyone even saw my legs. It was great, no need to worry about shaving. And any woman will tell you this is a godsend. It was one downside of being unhealthy I was good with!!! I hate shaving my legs, I do a crummy job at it and it is a waste of time, I never missed it....

Sadly, in the last 2-3 months I have lost that gift. As I was getting ready to go to the gym this morning, I realized, this shaving my legs crap is really starting to annoy me *grin*. And add on top of it, that now I wear shorts and/or a bathing suit just about every day of my life (not to mention the whole new skirt thing) so I can't even hide it.

I am guessing it is from eating better and the supplement I am taking, but I am back to having to shave and the frequency is increasing. What kind of sick joke is that?

I may have to rethink this whole being healthy plan *grin*


  1. Ok - might I remind you to go back to the first paragraph you wrote - the on about all the good things. At the same time, remember we do not live in Gan Eden - just think of hair growth (and I am betting healthier hair on your head is on the plus side) as a reminder of reality.


  2. Just do it in the summer months only, like I do!!! hahaha My fuzz in the winter keeps me warm, and since I have no husband/bf, who cares?? lol (and it's very light colored)

    But I feel your pain, now that it's shorts and bathing suit time, I'm back at it too.

    Ok, I've said too much now.....I'll just leave my name off this post. ;-)

  3. Working out at the gym, I am in shorts and/or a bathing suit year summer season only for me *frown*.

    I still think Gui should have to have his legs waxed every time I have to shave mine *evil grin*

  4. Just wax them Pam... Lasts longer!
    You and Gui can get it done together. The thought of him waxing/shaving his legs makes me laugh:)))

  5. You know, I had that same issue (darn weight loss). I just went with leg waxing. After the first few times, it wasn't so bad. After awhile, your leg hair just kind of gives up and you only need to wax once every few months. I HATE shaving and paying someone to wax my legs 6 times a year (or less) is a much better option for me.
    Janet (Facebook Friend)

  6. You could look into laser hair removal. Perhaps as a "reward" for hitting your next milestone? Or running/finishing your first 5k? 1/2 marathon? Or just to keep from shaving/waxing!

  7. Or, you could just become known as the furry lady! :-)

  8. Yeah, I hate shaving my legs too. And that bikini wax really hurts!