Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yes world, I do have legs.......

Forty years it took me to decide maybe dressing like a girl wasn't some evil punishment forced upon me by the world. For the very first time in my life I put on a skirt today when I easily could have gotten away with pants and am in no hurry to change out of it. I actually am contemplating buying some additional skirts and dresses (WHO AM I????). Most people, my bosses who I am traveling with included, have never seen me in a skirt, so this morning was kind of fun reactions from them.

Everyone keeps asking why now and I had to think about it a long time to find the answer. It can't just be about weight, I weighed less than I do now when I was growing up and HATED being put in a dress. I have come up with two answers why now...in addition to what I said about being ready to be seen.....

1) Not everything girlie has to be "foo foo" *smile*....I have finally shaken all the formality guidelines out of it I was raised with. I was raised that if you put on a skirt nylons were required and everything had to look dressy and it was just too uncomfortable to maintain. But I am finally seeing skirts can be done as casual with some great sandals and be just as easy to live in as pants.

2) No friction.......and I think this is even more the fact than the dressing up part....(ready for true disclosure). It is the first time in my life that even though I weigh more than I did in high school my legs are in the best shape of my life...and my thighs no longer rub together so much that wearing a skirt means heat rash and discomfort on my inner thighs. That has always been an issue for me in skirts, dresses and shorts if I wasn't wearing nylons. I would end up miserable after a few hours walking without material between my thighs. Now, no problem!!!!! Its a great change! Guess all that torture on the leg machines was worth it, thanks Gui!

I could throw in there as a third showing off the tattoo but that is just a nice side effect *grin*


  1. Congratulations, Pam!! You look great & I love the outfit!!

    Tattoo, eh?

  2. So, where is the hot pink we have been promised?