Monday, May 3, 2010

Tomorrow is a new day...

First and always, thank you for the phone calls and emails I received after my last post. I genuinely appreciate the support and caring. I truly do have the best friends in the world.

How am I doing is obviously the question everyone wants me to answer. I'm ok. I think tonight I reached the bottom of the downward slide I have been on and am ready to try to find my way back up. I went to the gym and talked to Gui (wouldn't really say I worked out, but I got to throw things at walls and that felt AWESOME, thanks again Gui...that might even get your nickname not used in this post *smile*). He definitely has me trying to think about this all in a different way. Still trying to process the idea that this is a good thing to have hit this place now, will reserve saying much more on that til I have thought it through more. But he is probably right, he seems to be way too often. As always got a couple new ideas from him on ways to cope (or at least stop myself from sabatoging myself), so that was good.

I ended talking to him with a good cry after leaving the club (I made it to the parking lot as I have a "no tears in front of the trainer" policy which came close to being broken tonight) and am now ready to start to try to get back on track. Back to journalling food tomorrow, back to working out (or at least not giving up before I get to the club) and taking it one step at a time. Not sure where it will go, but I have to get back to the old "one foot in front of another" and start that way.

I did hit a milestone today...and while I have to admit I don't feel much like celebrating it yet, I know it is HUGE and I need to at least recognize it! When Gui weighed me tonight I was 263...that is 75 lost!!!! (48 of that since starting with Gui the end of November). I never would have thought I (we!!!!) could do it and sometimes it still doesn't seem real. Even to say it now seems surreal, like I am talking about someone else.

I am trying to think of something to do to celebrate/commemorate when I lose two more pounds and it is that 50 mark since starting with the trainer. Those numbers seem a lot more important to me since I know what that weight was on a specific date and when it was I truly started that part of the journey. Anyone know what hallmark recommends as a 50 lb weight loss celebratory gift for yourself? *grin* I am thinking something in the jewelry family *smile*. And NO April, Donna and Trish, I will NOT be piercing anything!

Anyway, Gui mentioned tonight I needed to do something to make it sink in better all the weight I have lost. So I decided maybe posting some new comparisons would help. The most recent were taken over the weekend by a friend! Enjoy....


  1. Congratulations Pam, 75 pounds is totally awesome!!! I don't post or email much, but I am reading every word of your journey as soon as you post it! Keep up the great work! <3

  2. LOL Gui! Shows you how not in the game my head is. I would have sworn it was 263, but like your answer better! One pound closer to that 50 number!