Friday, July 30, 2010

Take me out the ballpark...HUGE honor and celebration on Aug 13th.......

IMPORTANT FOR ANYONE WANTING TO ATTEND.....the twins website seems to have problems for buying tickets for this game, but stub hub has plenty of tickets available!!!!!! It is not sold out as the twins site says!

The roller coaster of a week continues....fate sure has a sense of humor. Went from the stress of changing trainers to being selected for an amazing recognition of all my hard work the last eight months in about 18 hours. I have been trying to make sense of it all and find the good in it and tonight I had a good talk with someone who helped me do that (thanks you know who you are), so ready to share some good news for once.

Ok back story (why do I always feel like I am playing catch up *smile*). Three or four weeks ago I was approached by Lance, my member advisor at the club, asking if I would be ok if they nominated me for something. I have to admit I paid way too little attention. But I said sure, I really value the club, lifetime, Gui and anything I could do to show people how much they have helped me I am in for. I also was going on the assumption that I never get selected for anything, so no biggie right...yeah.

In between I had learned some details, enough to be slightly nervous, but was still betting on the "I never get selected for anything" outcome. Bad bet to take *grin*.

Yesterday I was informed that I was selected to be the Life Time Featured Member at the Twins game on August 13th here in Minneapolis. That before the game starts I will be going out on to the field while the video and pictures of me are shown on the big screen and my story is read.

I have had varying thoughts about this since...ranging from why now to omg to being as proud as a person can be. And that last one is where I am stopping and trying to keep it.

But I have to admit the pride isn't in having been selected, or even what I have accomplished in the last 8 monthsy (ok actually some of it is that part). It didn't matter to me if I was selected, because in the last few weeks since the nomination conversation I have realized what an amazing group of people I have around me at the Eagan LTF and the fact that while I was missing it all this time, they have been watching me and cheering for me and filled with so much pride for me for the past months. I have gotten to know staff there I never would have, and that to me has been an amazing realization for me. I have always known the personal training staff was behind me, but never saw it went beyond that. I have had everyone from the front desk staff to the General Manager behind me all this time, and had no clue. I always knew I felt safe at Eagan, that I felt awkward at other clubs, but this finally made me realize that the Eagan club truly is home! And that is winning a whole lot more than anything that could go on on the field with the Twins. And the timing of that lesson is proving crucial to getting me through a pretty rough time right now.

The reality is when I was notified I got very stuck in things in the future that I am unsure about. But as I was reminded tonight, this is a celebration. A celebration of all that has been accomplished since November. Accomplishments that I am so proud of. I have conquered mountains I never thought I could. And I am proud beyond belief to stand up and scream that to the world (or at least the 40,000 people at the game). To have what I have done, and what others have helped me do be given the recognition it is due means so much to me.

While I can't offer to bring you all with me, I can say I would LOVE to have anyone who can get there at the game. Even if we aren't seated together just knowing people who care about me and are behind me there (among the thousands *gulp* of others who will be hearing my story for the first time) would mean the world to me. It is a 7:10 pm game here in Minneapolis.

For anyone going, please let me know you will be there. I am trying to pull together something post game somewhere for a more private celebration and want to make sure I get everyone the details.

Thank you to everyone at Eagan LTF who recognized how hard I have worked and nominated me...I can't express what it means to me. Can't wait to see you all at the game!!!!


  1. Congratulations!! I'll be at the game. Let's get a group together and be there for Pam.

  2. No one is going to remember the game.
    No one is going to forget you.

  3. Pam, You will have an amazing night, something you and many will remember for a lifetime! It is all too well deserved for all your hard work. Congratulations!

  4. Now I get it, you should be recognized you have done something with your life that many just dream about or talk about, but never get it done. My goodness you have accomplished milestones that are going to encourage alot of people you will never meet on that nite Pam. take courage in that and be proud of yourself you deserve so much. I'm happy to know you, and work for you, *smile* love yah lady..xoxo