Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's all about the feeties....

Some days you just have to laugh at yourself!!! I just had one of those moments. I was sitting at my desk trying to get some work done before my workout today and then jumping on a plane, and as usual I was obsessing about my weight...was I up, was I down, what would the scale say at the gym, if TB doesn't weigh me am I going to go hunt out the scale in the locker room or can I make it through today without needing that reinforcement. It's mental gymnastics I do on a daily basis. I know it, I don't like it, but I do it.

But what I didn't realize, is that I base a lot of my decisions on, of all things, my feet. Because I have always struggled with fluid retention (at their worst when I was fighting PTC I used to say I had "Fred Flintstone feet" because they would get so cartoonish looking from retaining ridiculous amounts of water) they have always been a barometer of what the scale would say. But I hadn't realized how much now that the fluid is significantly less of an issue, I am still measuring my progress by them.

I found myself this morning trying to decide if I could see more bones and veins than I could yesterday, which would mean my weight was down, if it was the same or if they looked puffy. It's kind of sad but funny in its own way! Yeah Gui, I am sure if you are reading this you are just shaking your head, and you're right, I may be slightly over obsessing at this point! *grin*

Or maybe I may have to start posted the daily foot report *grin*


  1. I definitely see lots of veins - I'm predicting weight loss. Can you also predict the weather with those feet?

  2. Now laura, you know whether comes from the knees not the feet *huge grin*

  3. LOL...you have been hangin' with Chessy far too long, it is all about the feeties...ROFL

    love the wine color polish : )

    Kaye and the crew

  4. Hey, that could be MY foot! And, yes, the nail polish is yummy!!
    Punky's mom