Friday, June 11, 2010

Glass half full...

This is a post I had told myself yesterday while swimming I should write, but I got busy and like too many other things, the noise of life got in the way. A conversation today with a friend reminded me I needed to get back to this.

I have a lot in my life to be proud and happy about...a great job, a great home, good friends.......yet I have a tendency to get caught up in what isn't going right and to then get myself all tweaked over it....often turning something simple into much more than it deserves. It is one of my more self destructive behaviors and one I have definitely slipped back into in the last few months. For my own sanity and the sanity of those around me, I have to get back to focusing on the good and the positive in my life!!!!

So my new goal is that on the days when life seems the most chaotic and out of control I will make myself blog at least one positive thing that happened that day!!!

So here are yesterday's...

1. Swam a mile outdoors in the rain
2. Got to talk to Laura in Israel and see more pics of her new baby
3. Forced myself to change for the first time in the lockerroom at the club and not run and do it in the bathroom or a changing room, and no one ran screaming *smile*
4. Identified a whole new bunch of shirts (that I just bought) that are going back because they are already too big


1. A phone call I totally didn't want to answer (whhhhaaattttt? probably isnt the best greeting btw when you pick up the phone *smile*) ended up helping way more than I expected
2. My upgrade cleared on my flight home
3. I am getting home to my own bed  and my furbies one night earlier than expected
4. My client was really understanding about needing to cancel today
5. I have "blunt" people in my life who put me back in my place when I get out of sorts, and sometimes they even do it because they care! 
6. I was honest with someone about them hurting/upsetting me and it ended with a laugh not the drama I was imaginging would ensue!
7. I am not the one stuck ruining my nails by doing three days of manual labor (*grin* threw that in just for you...and you know who you are)

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  1. Shalom Pam,
    Just wanted to touch base with you and to let you know that Israel has taken one more step closer to being civilized-we have ENTENMANN's!!!!!!!!! Still, no Dr Brown Cream or cherry soda, but being in Israel is worth that sacrifice!
    We have moved into a larger apartment and now have 4 bedrooms and a beautiful view of Jerusalem from our top floor terrace, although it has been very hot and I keep getting yelled at for sitting outside half naked(which half is naked I ain't telling you) without sunscreen, but what good is enjoying the sun if you can't let everyone know it??
    Anyway, I'm on a carb free diet cause I want to drop 15 kgs, so starting tomorrow(don't all diets start tomorrow?) it's goodbyr bakery hello fruit and vegetable store!
    Take care of yourself, you look fabulous and can;'t wait to see you back inthe old country!
    L' hit,