Friday, February 26, 2010

Three Easy Steps to Weighing 338 Pounds

I handle life by analyzing it, it's how my brain works. I also believe you have to understand where you are starting from to undertake any successful journey. Even though we leave where we started behind us, it has made us who we are and shapes how we travel forward.

So naturally I have spent a lot of time figuring out, how did I get to here? How did I end up letting myself get to 338 pounds? As I look at the progression I see my life in three major time frames.....ages 5-21 (the early years), 21-25 (life with PTC) and 25-39 (life after nerve damage).  Each time frame added to how I got here, and over my next few posts I will share the how.

I promised in my intro to be honest and straight forward, so here comes from my first disclosure. Two of the few pictures of me at the start of this journey. The first picture was taken in February 2009. I was approximately 330 lbs when this was taken. So 8 lbs less than my lifetime max

The second picture is from May 2009. At my highest, 338 lbs. BTW other than my weight, the lesson in this picture is don't stick your tongue out at the photographer, someday that very picture will be the one you have to share with the world.


Admiitting the person in these pictures is me is painful and embarrassing, but as I am realizing more and more these days, even though the person in the picture weighs less, I am still in the brain of the person you are seeing. And I need to acknowledge that and deal with it, there is no good hiding who I was and am.

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