Saturday, February 27, 2010

90 days....30 pounds...and a different life....

I am big on milestones and anniversaries. As corny as they can be, they still fit how I think and help keep my life organized and segmented. So I would feel amiss if I didn't mention today as a special marker. Today marks 90 days since I started working with my trainer, Gui. It sounds so melodramatic to say my life has changed since I met him, but it is simply the truth, as was pointed out tonight by a friend.

Ninety days ago I was 30 pounds heavier, but there is so much more to the change than weight loss. When I met Gui I wouldn't even consider using a flight of stairs, I was scared to death to walk outside in the winter (more on that tomorrow), I could barely walk the distance from one gate to another in the airport without being winded and sweating and having to stop. I spent my time figuring out how I could do the least possible physical activity necessary and avoided anything I didn't absolutely have to do. And the worst part is I had accepted I was doomed to spend my life that way. I had accepted missing out on important things in my life because I couldn't do them.

Fast forward 90 days, I can't say I am a different person, because my heart and my mind are still waiting to catch up with the changes in my life. But I can say I am living a completely different life. I have gained back so much. I now can walk the length of the airport terminal in shoes with a heel and more importantly DO THAT BY CHOICE even when the tram or a cart is an option, I now take the stairs without fear of falling, I feel lost if I don't go and workout and genuinely look forward to my workouts. And most importantly I am back doing. I no longer plan my life and my time with my friends around whether I can keep up, around how little walking can I get away with and no longer fear my body.

I really feel in the last 90 days I have rejoined the living and know I would never have accomplished that on my own. Thank you Gui for helping me find my way back! You ask me periodically if I feel different, I hope this answers that question for you!

P.S. When I set this blog up I knew I wanted to have the option of this being about more than my side of the story, so I have asked Gui to consider posting also, to share his side of my journey, of the journey we have undertaken together. So periodically you may see posts that do not come from me.

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