Monday, October 4, 2010

Settling In For A Long Winter....

It is October 4th and I already have my heater on, this is not a good sign!

There is very little to be said positive about being fat. But one of the few things I can say about it, it definitely made life warmer. I miss my polar bear layer!

Whether it was because of my size, or what being obese did to my body chemistry I have always been warmer than everyone else. Part of it was obvioulsy biological, my normal body temperature when I went to the doctor tended to be around 97 degrees, if I hit 98.6 I had a fever. Anyone who rode in my car or came to my house knew to expect the windows open even in winter, the AC on full blast in the summer. The last time I bought a winter coat was the early 2000's. The most I normally needed even in the dead of winter here in MN was a sweatshirt.

As wrong as I know this all sounds, especially to my southern friends, it is what I have known my whole life. So that fact that since early September and I have been dressing in heavy sweatshits, leggings and had my AC turned off for over a month is more than a little strange to me. I have been wearing long sleeves since the State Fair was in town, that is just bizarre!!! And I am not really a fan of.

This is one of those changes I hadn't anticipated or really thought through. No one tells you its coming. And because my brain still thinks fat I hadn't reasoned it out either. And I have to admit it worries me, if I am this cold all the time at 240 lbs what will it be like if I ever get to my goal of 150. I may seriously have to reconsider how far north I live.

In speaking to others who have gone down this path before me, the common answer I get is that it does get worse the more you lose, and even after you stabilize it takes a good 2-3 years before you get used to the temperature at your lower weight. Fun!

I have decided to take on this change like every other one I have encountered on this's an excuse to shop!!!!!!!!! Particularly since nothing long sleeved I owned fit anymore anyway. In the last two weeks I have bought 2 coats, 4 cashmere sweaters, 2 long sleeved dresses and a bunch of shirts. Also a suit and 3 new pairs of pants. I am anticipating my next purchases to be boots and long underwear (which is something I have never owned). I also purchased a few pairs of yoga pants because even at home now I am finding I need to dress warmer.

I am either going to end up with the best winter wardrobe ever or someone south of the Mason-Dixon line is going to have to adopt me for the winter, cause I can't feel my fingers as I type this.


  1. You're always welcome down in my neck of the woods in Bama, past that Mason-Dixon line!!! But I must warn'd want MN. back during the summer months!!! lol

    I know this much....when I was visiting you in January I almost froze my tuckus off!!!!!!! (and never figured out how you could get in that freezing car without warming it up first!!!) lol
    BRrrrrrrr But the coat is FANTASTIC!!! I want one just like it!!! :)


  2. Texas, you will be warm In the summer but prepare for thermostat battles in the office.