Friday, October 15, 2010

The 4 is a record time

This has been a really good week. I feel like a lot of stressors that had been hanging over my head melted away last week (or more accurately put exploded away) and I feel good about life. I had a great week at work, got to go to Houston and give a wonderful presentation to an audience twice the anticipated size (and drive a hot red rental car with great colleagues) and then 2 days with one of my favorite clients and today catch up.

I also feel like I am 10000% back on the track in the gym. Starting last Saturday I knew my love and passion for being there was back. It was the first time since July that I felt like I was fully there and wanted to be and was giving it 100%. And it feels great! I am now seeing only the good in the trainer change and that is helping a lot. I can see how physically and mentally the change was the best thing that could have happened. My body needed something different and I needed someone with a new outlook on my training. For as bumpy as the path was to here, I am right where I should be.

The best part is for whatever reason the weight loss plateau has broken, in a BIG way. For the last 10 or so weeks I have bounced around in mostly the 240's. It was incredibly frustrating. I would lose a pound or two and then gain it immediately back. To say I was getting frustrated is an understatement of epic proportion. We redid my metabolic testing, we scrutinized my eating, I spoke to my physician...nothing was budging. As I said in the blog a couple weeks ago, I was ready to give up. Then last Saturday I got the shock of my life.

On Monday October 4th I weighed 238 on the scale in the lower room (the equivalent of 240 or 241 on the trainer's scale), just as I had for weeks. Saturday I hopped on the LR scale expecting the same and it said 229. Beyond being shocked I was skeptical at best and had my trainer weigh me during our session, and sure enough it was right, 231 on the trainer's scale (there is always 2 lbs difference). By Monday I was down another pound and since then 3 more. Today I was 227 when Nick weighed me and 225 after my session when I got on the LR scale.

I can't explain it, I can't figure it out, but I am completely grateful for it. Whatever my body was fighting with that it was holding on to it has for now let go of.

I feel like my two next weight goals are a possibility again.....

211 by Thanksgiving (which will mark 100 lbs lost in exactly one year of training - I started last year on Black Friday)

and the biggie...

199 by New Year's Eve.  I would love nothing more than to say that the 300's were in 2009...the 200's in 2010 and the 100's are for 2011 and forward.

I am a little hesitant yet to believe this can happen, merely because there are so few weeks left in the year, and we need to get the weight loss back to a healthy loss per week (what I have lost this week and last is too much too fast and not something I or my trainer are comfortable letting happen for long). But I am giving it all I can!!! I am not sure there could be any greater accomplishment in my life than going from 300 lbs at the start of one year to 199 at the end of it!

I would be remiss if I ended this post without thanking the people who have worked so hard to get my through the plateau! Nick, Todd, Tiffany, Tony you guys each gave me little pieces that somehow came together to help me make this happen and I am grateful for how long and hard you dug for answers, how much you put up with out of me and just for being there for me when I wanted to give up and run away. I may not always say I am grateful, and I may fight you tooth and nail, but I do appreciate you every day (even if we are disagreeing on something I still appreciate you....being I am from the east coast we argue and scream at the same time we love!)

Also thank you to the friends who cheered me on, held me up and kicked me in the ass!!! I am lucky to have the support system I do. And thank for being there even when I lose track of you being there!!!!!

On to 211 we go...........


  1. Joy! My good sister. Joy! Your body responds to being happy, much better than being stressed. The top of this post and the bottom are intricately connected.

  2. Does this mean if you buy yourself one of those hot red cars ... you'll ZOOM to your goal?