Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Brutal honesty at 4am.....................

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  1. Hard reality: when your body makes decisions about what it needs, you don't always get a say. All you can do is consistently give it what you've learned works and let yourself adjust in time.

    Another hard reality: when you achieve your goal weight--and you will!--going forward will mean having the strength to stay put. This means no rush from compliments, nor new body frontiers, even the clothing acquisition bug will wear off (especially if Visa catches up with you first.) And you'll have to have the strength to do what you know works--week in and week out--with no rushes, just to stay where you are.

    Think of this time as perfect strength training for the future. It will teach you the beauty of here and now, Grasshopper.

    From your friend whom you tried to help find one Vision in a hostile land....