Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Horse Lover's Bug....

My friend Kathy gave me this today, I believe she found it in one of the "Chicken Noodle for the Soul..." books. It was so touching I wanted to share it.

The Horse Lover's Bug....

All horse lovers know the bug.
It doesn't buzz or chirp or hop around.
It doesn't stare back at you  with big bulging eyes.
It lands on your heart, does its job and disappears without a trace.

You're not left with a painful sting, itch or a welt,
Just an inexplicable passion that shapes your thoughts, your habits and your dreams.

The horse bug is now a part of your fabric!

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  1. Just stumbled on your horse posts... you haven't been posting so I've slacked off on reading. Congrats on your new hobby! A horse and beautiful scenery... the only place better is 50 feet under water. So, when do the SCUBA lessons begin? :)