Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jealous? Of Exercise?

On first read this article in the Wall Street Journal seemed a little perplexing. People getting divorced over exercise? Putting it in their wedding vows?

But the reality the more I think about it, is that it does happen. While I am not married and didn't have to face it on that front, I have definitely had adding a daily workout to my life change friendships and relationships, something I never expected!

I would not say I am obsessed with working out (others might) but I do try very hard to workout every day now. If I don't workout I get cranky and out of sorts. The time I spend in the gym a day varies from an hour to 2 depending on what I am doing that day. I am not rigid about the time of day I do it, but it has to happen. I am doing this for me and my mental and physical health and it is a consideration when scheduling my life, home and on the road.

Over the last year I have realized there are three kinds of people in my life, based on their reaction, to my change in lifestyle to include exercise. Those that felt put out (and are mostly gone from my life now, those that don't quite get it but have accepted it, and those that share the lifestyle - many of this last group are new friends from the gym).

That is one thing I felt the article lacked, commentary on the fact that you do start to develop a different circle of friends than you had before, which is often hard for existing friends who feel they are being replaced or pushed out.

I have been really lucky in this regard, in July I got to see first hand out easily my old friends and new friends all fit together, they were all together for Relay weekend it was like they had all known each other for years. I am somewhat repeating that this weekend, with a dinner party at my home with a mix of old and new, and this time I am truly looking forward to it.

The best friends in all this change though are those who weren't exercisers before but since seeing what I am doing have jumped on board. There is no greater feeling than when someone comes to visit and their first two questions are "did you get me a pass for the gym" and "do I get to go to the trainer with you this time". I'll have to admit that still takes me back for a second, makes me look at my life and think "how did that happen" but then it makes me smile, knowing how supported I am.

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  1. Pam thank you so much for sharing this article and your views on it. You know exactly how this pertains to me... I am so glad and honored to be one of those "new" friends from the gym!