Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Best Black Friday Deal Ever....25% Off that Changed My Life....Part 2....

In the last year for what I have spent on training I could have bought a new car or a time share in Tel Aviv, but if I had it to do over again I would do things exactly as I have. Working with a trainer has been the best time and money investment I ever could have made. Since my first training session I have lost approximately 92 lbs, I went from not being able to walk up a flight of stairs to being able to leg press 400 lbs and I have a body I trust and am proud of. You can't make a better investment than that!

Before I step forward to year 2 I needed to stop and thank the trainers who crossed my path this year. Considering I am usually growling at them I thought they deserved to hear something nice for once...did I mention I am not the easiest client in the world, I am stubborn and want it my way once in a while*grin*.

In the last 12 months I have primarily had two main trainers and two backup/support trainers. Additionally I have worked with trainers who provided nutritional coaching and metabolic testing. I also have had those from the PT department whose impact was nothing more than cheerleader and support. But whatever role they were filling I have been helped by some great people!

Primary Trainers

As most of you know, I started out this journey with Gui and worked with him from November 2009-July 2010. Gui's best quality, at least where I was concerned, is his ability to make people believe they can do what they don't believe they can. From my first meeting with Gui he never used the word "maybe". It was also the sense that everything was accomplish able. He made me believe I could lose the weight long before I believed it, he made me believe the stairs could be conquered long before I was even willing to try. He was willing to figure out the baby steps needed, such as starting our training in the pool before coming up to the gym, that both my body and more importantly my mind needed to reach for greater goals I couldn't even see yet.

Gui challenged me many many times that he felt I could have been as successful with any trainer as I was with him, but I still to this day doubt that. Not because other trainers didn't have the skill set he has, many do, but because he was able to get me to believe in a miracle I couldn't do more than dream about at that moment, and that is a unique ability.  Other trainers might have been successful helping me once I was moving, but he was able to get me moving at a time in my life when I am not sure others could have.

It's no secret that Gui and I have had our rough moments (just read back in the blog). In some ways we were too much alike, in other ways majorly different. But no matter where things went and how they ended, I will never be able to thank you enough Gui. You were the person who helped me start to change my life, after 40 years of others not even wanting to try. You will ALWAYS hold a place in my heart for that.

Nick is my current trainer, and for this point in the journey a perfect fit. Nick is stubborn and pushy and demanding and that is EXACTLY what I love about him. He keeps me from falling fate to my own worst enemy...myself. He takes no crap, no excuses and keeps me on track, but at the same time does it in a really supportive and understanding and positive way and always with a smile on his face.

Nick has also filled a gap that I didn't quite value until I started looking for a new trainer. While the first stage of my journey was about getting moving, and Gui did that well, this stage has been about finding new challenges and keeping moving. Nick works well with the goal driven side of me. Helping me set new limits just outside my reach and helping me get to them and most importantly celebrating with me when I get there. He gets as excited about my accomplishments as I do, and that is really energizing for me.

Nick, you took me on at a stage in my training that you could have easily run in the other direction (most would have and I am sure some have told you you should have). Despite my best efforts to show you all my flaws and to convince you I was a waste of time and energy you took on the challenge and I will always be grateful for that. You have helped me continue to be successful at at time when I could have found every excuse possible to fail and to retreat back to where I was a year ago. Your patience through the transition, when I know I was less than thrilling to work with, was appreciated more than I ever said.  I am genuinely looking forward to working with you going forward and reaching the goals we have talked about and others I am sure we will dream up. You're not so bad for a "12 year old" *grin*.

Support Trainers

Todd has been a god send to me in a couple ways. Todd not only filled in when I was trainerless, but also has become my metabolic specialist and also my go-to trainer when Nick is away or my schedule makes it impossible to get a session in during the week. But beyond just being a trainer. Todd has become a dear friend, always there to listen and support me and let me vent. Todd has a heart as tall as he is. Todd's greatest claim to fame in my journey, standing beside me at Twins Stadium the night I was featured by Lifetime. Him standing up and volunteering to make sure I wasn't there alone may still be the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. I was a complete stranger to him at that point, yet he could see how bad I was hurting and he jumped in to rescue me.

Todd, you will always be dear to me and I will never be able to thank you enough for your support when I was ready to give it all up.

I have only done two sessions with Tiffany (when Gui was on vacation), and two of her group events (aka Sin Bin, which is now Sunday Funday's) but as the Department head at Eagan Tiffany has still been very involved and always been a great source of ideas and information for me. However, Tiff is much more than that to me, and I am not sure knows this part. I see Tiffany as the girl I want to be, my role model if you will. Tiffany is this amazing balance of the strength to outlift and out muscle any guy in the gym, yet being able to do it in killer 5" heels. She is smart, talented, sharp witted and just has this amazing ability to manage it all, whether that is kicking a 400 lb man into shape in the gym or strutting her stuff in a figure competition, she is the complete package. BTW if Tiffany looks familiar to anyone it is because she was also made famous last year for her work with O'Neil Hampton on the Biggest Loser

Tiffany, thank you for showing  me that it is possible to be a girl and yet be strong and able to keep up with the boys. Thanks for being excited about my transformation and always there to celebrate new shoes and nails.  You are a great role model for those of us trying to figure out how to show the world both sides of us.

I had originally planned to stop there, but as I was writing one other trainer kept coming to mind. I would be remiss if I didn't include Rachael.

I have never actually gotten to work with Rachael, but she has to be thanked as one of my biggest cheerleaders in the PT department, as she pointed out yesterday, even before I wanted her to be. I first remember Rachael in the ladies locker room stopping me and telling me what a great job I was doing. I had no clue who she was at that point and had to ask Gui who she was and how she knew about me.  Her first memory of me is me snapping at her when she tried to cheer me on while I was training (don't worry Rach I did the same to my friends who tried that too *smile*). Since then Rachael has always been there it seems to provide compliments and support and just remind me how far I have come. Thanks for being that little voice that reminds me to look at how far I have come, not just how far I have to go.

I am sure there are others I should be thanking, so to the entire PT department at LTF Eagan, THANK YOU.  Sorry for all the times I made you lives difficult without meaning to. You guys change lives every day and hope you know what an amazing service you are providing. Thanks for keeping me moving forward through all my unique needs and challenges.

Thanks for helping me be 1/3 the person I was a year ago!

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